About the Coalition


The EV Drive Coalition is working to urge Congress to reform the federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit so automakers can continue producing, workers can continue building, and consumers can continue buying vehicles that produce zero emissions.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are automobiles for forward-thinking consumers. Every EV on the road makes America more energy independent and less reliant on foreign oil. Additionally, they are designed to create zero emissions, thereby reducing air pollution.

Supporters of EVs and the tax credit have formed this coalition to ensure that EVs remain viable in the United States. Supporters include consumer advocates, environmental groups, free market advocates and automakers, among others.

Photo by wellphoto/iStock / Getty Images

The EV Drive Coalition is supportive of any effort to reform the EV tax credit in Congress provided that the legislation

  • Embraces the economic and environmental promise of EV vehicles;

  • Gives consumers the freedom to decide which model EV they want while providing continued affordability;

  • Lifts the per-EV manufacturer cap in the current tax credit so that future caps neither penalize market leaders nor shut out later arrivals to the EV market; and

  • Allows the credit to sunset once the nascent EV industry has had additional time to mature and grow.



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